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red island croatia wedding

Red island rovinj croatia wedding

St. Andrew Island or the Red Island is host to this picturesque castle wedding venue that is easily accessible from Rovinj via a 15-minute thrilling boat ride. This wedding venue used to be known as the Hutterott Castle built back in the 19th century. Castle Hutterott on Red Island is a haven full of romantic scenery for your wedding setup and an unforgettable experience. It is indeed the perfect venue for a wedding in Rovinj, Istria. The surrounding lush vegetation and impeccable view of the sea makes Castle Hutterott the best place for ceremony and reception on a Croatia island, with the scenic views and environment offering the perfect setting for wedding photoshoots.

Red Island Venue in Croatia has two options for wedding ceremonies:

1. Green meadow next to our restaurant “La Serra Anno Domini 547

2. Mausoleum located on the nearby island of Maškin, connected by a bridge with Red Island

Wedding Reeption is available at our La Serra A.D. 547, which is divided into two terraces:

1. Upper terrace - larger and partially covered

2. Lower terrace - closer to the sea but not covered

Privatisation Fee: starting from 3300-5000 Euros depending on period.

Baron Hütterott’s mausoleum: 1000 Euros

Average price on food & drinks: 200 Euros p.p.

Music permission: 1 am, possible to extend at surcharge

Capacity: 50-80 guests

The prices are only informative. Please contact us directly for quote.