Symbolic Wedding Ceremony in Croatia

Symbolic Wedding Ceremony Croatia

symbolic vs civil ceremony in Croatia

Symbolic wedding in Croatia is a wonderful opportunity to get married without stress about documentation, legal procedures, and extra costs that will occur on the way. Before celebrating this type of wedding, couples usually get married in their home country before or after the marriage in Croatia.

The civil ceremony is conducted in Croatian and involves standard legal forms, but the symbolic wedding ceremony is entirely what you choose. At a symbolic wedding, witnesses are only optional. The wedding paperwork and process takes less headache, time and budget, simply allowing a bride and groom enjoy more pleasant parts of their wedding preparation.

A symbolic wedding in Croatia can be totally adapted to your personal interests and tastes, and can be conducted in whatever language you prefer such as English, German, French or Italian. This is perfect for those who wish to mark their special day in their own perfect ways. We also work with some of the best wedding officiants in Croatia who can personalise your Croatian wedding ceremony.

Options for avoiding paperwork For Your WEdding in Croatia

For some couples, the paperwork involved in the civil ceremony is not what is important about their beautiful wedding in Croatia. Because of this, many people choose to get legally married in their own country, either before or after their time in Croatia. This is often a more cost-effective choice, as the paperwork tends to be cheaper back home.

You can choose to conduct your symbolic wedding in Croatia just like a legal ceremony, but without the paperwork, and nobody would suspect a thing. It also means that you get to enjoy the more pleasant parts of your wedding celebrations.

A symbolic wedding ceremony is also perfect for those who wish to renew their wedding vows, without needing to complete the legal aspect. Wedding renewals are a perfect way to celebrate a successful partnership, and they make for a memorable wedding anniversary.