Civil Ceremony in Croatia

croatia wedding legal requirements

Civil ceremonies are the only legally-recognized form of marriage ceremony in Croatia To celebrate wedding in Croatia, applications should be made between 30 and 45 days prior to the wedding day and must be submitted to the local registrar where the wedding will be performed. Several days before the wedding, both bride and groom must visit the Registry in person to officially complete all the documents and re-check final details. To be on the safe side, you have to check all details and timing when making application. All necessary paperwork has to be original and ideally completed. Note that the documents will not be returned to you, and will remain in Croatia for records and statistics.

A Croatian civil ceremony takes approximately 20 minutes and is conducted in Croatian, the official language of Croatia. If one or both members of the couple do not speak Croatian, a court-appointed translator will also be present at the ceremony. They will translate the ceremony from Croatian into English or whatever language you prefer, and this service must be paid for by the couple.

Wedding is a memorable event when all is about you and your loved ones. This is the time of life when dreams and wishes come true. This is the day you will never forget and want it to be perfect. Therefore, the wedding does not have to take place in a boring registry office. Depending on your choice and budget, the ceremony and reception can be performed in luxury hotels and other stunning outdoor locations. This location must be pre-approved by the Registry Office.

Civil Marriage in Croatia

LISt of documents required for civll ceremony in Croatia

The relevant documents cannot be older than 90 days before actual wedding date. Your application must include the full names of your two witnesses and copies of their passports. Outlined below is the list of documents required, but please understand that this is intended to be a guideline only.

1. Single Status Certificate

2. Newly issued birth certificates

3. Certificate on Customs and Law

4. Bride and Groom Passport Copies

5. Two witnesses, passport copies

6. Decree Absolute and previous Marriage Certificate if applicable

7. Death Certificate of previous spouse and previous Marriage Certificate ( if applicable)

8. Name Change Deed Poll Certificate – if applicable.

9, Adoption Certificate – if applicable.

The required documents and legal processes may differ depending on nationality and have to be priory and carefully checked in the embassy. As usual, documents you have to submit for your civil wedding in Croatia require an Apostille. However, there are foreign countries having additional agreements with Croatia, therefore, you need to confirm which documents must have Apostille verification. If you wish to avoid all this paperwork we suggest to have symbolic ceremony in Croatia. Please also note that ceremony conducted in Croatian Catholic Church is not recognised as a legal one.