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Histria Aromatica Istria


Histria Aromatica Istria

This wedding venue in Istria, Croatia is a unique agro site and theme park landscape sitting on over a hundred hectares of pristine vegetation, entrancing cultivations and blooming gardens all over. The Histria Aromatica is a perfect blend of nature and cultural practices, resulting in a beautiful landscape that is a wonder to behold and interact. Here, your guests can fully enjoy a unique Croatian wedding experience.

A wide variety of plant and animal species can be discovered within its gardens full of all sorts of exotic herbs and flowers such as pyrethrum as well as the ever-enticing olive groves and vineyards. The vegetation all around the venue contains various exotic plant types, giving you and your guests a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to familiarize with nature’s vibrant colours, scents and beauty, all culminating to be one of the best locations for weddings in Croatia.

Privatisation Fee: 1500-2500 Euros

Average price on food & drinks: 150-200 Euros p.p.

Music permission: 2 am

Capacity: 50-200 guests


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