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Castle Belaj Istria

Istria Wedding Venue Castle Belaj

Castle Belaj Istria Wedding Venue

Castle Belaj is one of the top venues for vineyard weddings in Istria, Croatia. This rustic wedding venue is actually an official Historical heritage site, dating back to the 16th century and being the sole Croatian chateau that stands untainted by modern society. The site still holds remnants of the wine-making practices that it was designed for and it offers perfect outdoor wedding scenes and setting iт Instia, Croatia. Guests also get to experience the beauty and sophistication of the winemaking process from the thriving vineyard to the quaint equipment that makes up part of the rich scenery at the castle. It is definitely one of the best rustic wedding venues in Croatia.

Privatisation Fee: € 4,000

Average price on food & drinks: 180 Euros p.p.

Music permission: 2 am

Capacity: 35-180 guests


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