Planning a Destination Wedding in Croatia- Where to Start?

Planning a Destination Wedding in Croatia -Where to Start?

Planning a destination wedding is something that all couples should look forward to. Whether you are thinking about a small and intimate gathering in Croatia or something big for all of your friends and family, this is your special day to do whatever you want. If you know that you want to have your wedding abroad, Croatia has a lot to offer when it comes to your special day. Whether you want a warm beachy wedding or something more traditional in a historical church.

But what’s the first step?

Decide on your destination in croatia

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The first step to planning your perfect destination wedding in Croatia needs to be deciding where you are going to go or what venue you are envisioning for your Croatia Wedding. You may already have a specific location in mind, or you may just have an idea of some dreamy beach venue or rustic vineyard. If you’re not yet certain where you want to say “I do”, take your time and do your research or contact wedding planner in Croatia. There are so many hidden gems across Croatia waiting to be discovered, don’t feel as though you should settle for something that isn’t how you envisioned it. Once you decide on your destination in Croatia, the rest of your planning can begin.

Set yourself a budget, plan your guest list and pick a date

Because destination weddings involve costs associated with travel, your budget can get out of hand very quickly. Before you and your partner even begin to plan your wedding in Croatia, set yourself financial limits. You can work out how much things like airfares and accommodation will cost, and then you can get a more accurate idea of how much you can afford to spend on your actual wedding in Croatia.

Getting started on your guest list early on will also help you plan your Croatia destination wedding. Deciding how many people to invite can be tricky, but sometimes your budget will help to dictate how many people you are able to invite.

Pick the date. The sooner you do this, the better. Many wedding venues in Croatia are in high demand, and if you plan far enough ahead, you can ensure that you don’t miss out on your dream Croatia venue. It also means you can take all the necessary practical steps like taking time off work, making sure it doesn’t clash with any other important dates, make sure it isn’t an important date in Croatia that might affect your wedding, etc.

Hire a wedding planner in Croatia

Hiring a wedding planner in Croatia is the best thing you can do while organizing your dream destination wedding. They will work within your budget to achieve everything that is possible, finding the best Croatian venues to suit your tastes and preferences, for a wedding of your size. Croatia wedding planners have insider knowledge of destinations and venues in Croatia and can help steer you in the right direction when it comes to everything about the place you will be getting married.

Get the word out

Organize pre or post events

Ideally, you should be sending your guest’s save-the-date cards around a year before the wedding (nine months minimum). This gives them adequate time to work out their travel plans, get the necessary time off work, and obtain passports where necessary.

Create a wedding website

In the digital age, wedding websites help you to communicate with your guests, and they provide everyone with all of the information they need to know. Set up your website to include the date, time and location of the wedding, how to get to your destination in Croatia, the wedding registry, as well as anything else that you want to add. These can also be kept updated after the wedding, so you can share pictures and videos with all your loved ones.

Go local whenever possible

If you want to travel to a luxurious and exotic destination, why not make the most of it? Incorporate local touches into your Croatian wedding wherever possible, to help transform your special day into something that is tied to such an important location for you. Croatia Local cuisine, music, or decor are all ways to pay homage to the beautiful destination you are in and will make your wedding in Croatia stand out in all the right ways.

Organize pre or post events

Your friends and family are probably travelling to your destination wedding in Croatia for more than just one night, so why not provide them with as much fun as possible? Hosting pre-events are a great way for everyone to get to know each other, and allow you to greet all of your friends and family personally. Continue your Croatia wedding celebrations after your big day with a post-event, where you can thank everyone, and share memories from the amazing day before. Help everyone to enjoy themselves in this beautiful destination - whether this is with relaxed brunches or adventure-filled activities, you can find something to entertain your guests so that they remember your wedding fondly.

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