Ideas to keep the kids entertained at your destination wedding in Croatia

Having kids at the wedding can be fun. When you are planning a destination wedding in Croatia it’s important to incorporate ideas for the children. Each and every parent knows exactly how to keep their kids entertained, occupied and not bored completely. Well, teenagers can often be really difficult and wining but hey - we have all been there where everything was boring, nobody understood us, we made disgusting faces and did not like a single thing about anything and anyone but liked to be in our own world and yes constantly poking our younger brothers and sisters. Well that's what being a teenager really is. On the other hand small kids can have loads of fun. But after all it depends on how good you prepare “the ground” in order to have them all enjoying themselves as much as possible so parents and other guests could have enjoyable time. Talk to parents of the kids and bring out solid and smart conclusions. Synergy gives amazing results and shows that you do care for both – parents and their children.

Here are some ideas that you can do to keep the children entertained at your destination wedding in Croatia:


Who does not like Goody Bags with their name on it? Those can be arranged and prepared based on age and gender of the kid, diet and preferences, food intolerances etc. Keep in mind that too much sugar will make them quite energetic and probably more demanding. But who can resist a Goody bag anyways!!! Yaaaay!

2. Favors For Kids

Favours for kids at the tables: Lego sets, soft toys, toys like truck and cars, beauty sets, doctor set, fans, puzzles, bubbles, glow sticks, headphones too can be handy especially now when everyone has some gadget: mobile phone, IPod, Ipad, Tablet … you name it. We all know how long headphones can last at the hands of kids!!!

3. Creative Sets and Handcrafts

Keep them busy with creative sets and hand crafts at your Croatian Destination Wedding: Play dough, Crayons, Washable and/or glow in dark markers, Water colours, Origami sets, Kinetic sand, Colouring books, Activity books, card games like Uno…etc. Teens on the other hand require a bit of space with some privacy, comfy chairs to blend in with or bean bags and Play station with some timings when is ok to use it as they like to stay away from the focus and be the bystanders on their own. Giving them space makes them less bored and wining about everything and anything. They live in their own world which is absolutely ok and acceptable. We have all been there, right?

4. BabySitters

Toddlers usually get to stay with their parents in a pram or so, but it is handy to get baby-sitters to keep parents enjoying themselves as taking care of the toddlers is rather demanding and it is known that parents often neglect their relationship when kid arrives so do not hesitate to offer them a baby sitter service. It will mean a world to them!


Well, we all know that the “Junk food” is a no, no but occasionally can be ok so perhaps: pizza, chicken nuggets, fries, pasta, or more healthy option like fresh veggies and fruits, juice, or even desserts like ice cream with choc and cream topping & of course cupcakes. Everyone likes cupcakes!!! It can keep them busy and important too by having such a “kids luxury buffet” so think about it and discuss with parents with kids on which meals to be served. Let the kiddos have their own wedding buffet! They can have the burgers buffet where they make own variety of burgers by adding to bread buns grilled meat or vegan/vegetarian/gluten free burgers, mayo and ketchup, variety of salads etc.

6. Candy Bar

Oh, here we go – bring the drums out - Candy Bar! The healthy option can be the fresh fruits bar but also the kids dream - a choc fountain, lollipops, gummy bears, candies…watch out on dosage as sugar and kids in the evening can be fatal combination – ha, ha, ha, yes your read that one right – fatal - as they will boost their energy with sugar but then – ahaaa, here is a great tip we got for you - you can sort that out by inviting them to the dance floor and get that extra energy out of them by showing their latest Tik - Tok groves and show the “boring adults” how to be the King or Queen of the dance floor kid style! Hilarious fun is guaranteed!

7. Kids Photobooth

“Mirror, mirror on the wall
who has the craziest outfit
of them all!?”

A great suggestion comes as following idea: buy some dress-up items (Check on second-hand shops offers) and photo props as this can be fun both for kids and the adults. By doing this you give to all of your guests the best opportunity to create probably the ultimate and wackiest memories filled with laughter and joy for many years to come. Selfies will fill out all the social media – guaranteed!

8. Professional Entertainers

Last but not the least - Professional entertainers – the ultimate ace in the sleeve are clowns, magicians, face painting artists, puppet show and any other professionals who are trained and amazing in entertaining children. Have in mind that adults may awake that long forgotten child in them and join the show but that is absolutely ok as they all have a chance of family binding and creating great memories.

Please, do not forget it is your wedding day and how much you want everyone to be happy. You try your best and look for the best solutions to keep your wedding party in Croatia fun and memorable event to all. Do not stress excessively about the above. Discuss with kids parents as they know the best what their kids like and how to have them too enjoying the evening and create amazing memories with you in Croatia!

Never forget to have fun!