Luxury Wedding in Dubrovnik for Nikita & Daria

Here's a luxury wedding in Dubrovnik planned with our dear partners Wedo Agency, at an elite location Villa Sheherezade. The venue was so thrilling and alluring that our designs, thoughts, and ideas instantly clicked with its outstanding surrounding and stunning stone architecture. Thus, the wedding was designed  in a classic manner that went along perfectly with the sweet nature of the couple. The staircase, guests' tables, dance floor, everything was taken care of in a way that made it all look remarkable and fascinating to every attendee.

With a perfect mixture of spice and elegance, this celebration became one of our favorites. The unique element that made this event exclusive was the love of  gorgeous couple for quests.

They wanted their friends and family to feel welcomed and truly become a part of their luxury wedding in Dubrovnik, so the whole wedding was planned with a concept based on 'In Search of Happiness.'

As many people haven't been to Croatia before, a mini dictionary was compiled  and a list of all the must-have items to enjoy here. This added to their comfort and cheered them up to know they were at such a fantastic place. Last but not least, doing this also helped us get along with everyone so effortlessly that everyone felt like family at the end of the day!

With numerous intriguing quests, their wedding became one of its kind. They didn't hold back sharing invites that became keys for the event, and from there, this whole 'In Search of Happiness' luxury wedding started.

Starting from the entrance to eating food and seeing the menu, we helped our adventurous couple plan everything. For example, the attendees could read the dinner menu only if they wore special glasses-decoders we got designed beforehand for this luxury wedding in Dubrovnik. Their friends also arranged a quest based upon the Games of Throne TV series which was sent to the guests’ phone and was taken further after that.

So, in short, this Dubrovnik wedding was all fun and joy with a touch of luxurious delight.

Villa Sheherezade Dubrovnik Croatia


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