A multi-day destination wedding that we're absolutely in love with! This intimate wedding in Hvar was super joyous. What really added joy into this was the bride wanting a mesmerizing week full of activities for all the attendees. In that spirit, we organized multiple ventures to help them explore Croatia and the stunning islands present around while enjoying themselves to the fullest.

The enthusiasm of the guests, the charming restaurant Park Hvar with stunning views and outlook, and our breathtaking couple, it all looked so perfect together that everyone felt millions of distinctive emotions at once. The venue, one of the best locations for weddings in Croatia, was just so perfect, it added more intimate vibes to the celebration.

The time when our couple exchanged some personal gifts, tears of joy and happiness rolled out of their eyes unconsciously. Later their wedding vows made everyone cry and fell in love with this small wedding in Croatia. Not to mention, the bride's gorgeous wedding gown looked phenomenal, complimented by our groom's elegant blue suit.

After the vows, the bride's side also joined in, and the party fun began! Everyone was so joyful, happy, loving, and just wanted to make it all memorable and worth it for the couple. Their heartfelt gratitude, amazing dances, and care for the couple made this Croatia wedding venue a true haven for them and their favorite people.

The bride wanted to have a rustic intimate wedding in Hvar. However, once we talked and discussed the styles and designs with her, we decided to go with something unique and different. The wedding design was a mix of pampas, dry leaves, flowers, and rust terracotta colors that looked so captivating and aesthetically pleasing at the same time.

In a nutshell, it was a true celebration infused with all the feels that really left a mark on us. The dances, the party, and everyone being so cheerful are what made this intimate wedding in Hvar so precious and heartfelt.


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