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MESTrovic gallery Terrace split

Mestrovic Gallery Split Wedding Venue

MESTrovic gallery Terrace split Wedding

This Gallery wedding venue in Split Croatia is situated to the south of the town with a unique scenic offer of rich Mediterranean gardens and beautiful sea views. You can enjoy beautiful views of the Dalmatian islands from the venue thanks to its high-placed location. The whole estate gives off a unique ancient Rome aura from the building styles to the decorations that give the venue its famous charm. To complete the picture, it also features blooming gardens that are evergreen and lush with exotic vegetation. All these unique elements blend seamlessly together to provide an exclusive venue for a wedding in Split Croatia. The venue is part of the museum and is suitable for both ceremony and dinner. They are numerous churches within walking distance including famous Crikvine Kastelet, one of few venues in Croatia where you can have catholic ceremony outside of church premises.

Privatisation Fee: Renting price depends on number of renting hours.

Average price on food & drinks: 180 Euros p.p.

Music permission: 11:30 pm

Capacity: 50-150 guests


The prices are only informative. Please contact us directly for quote.