Wedding in Croatia Cost

How much does a wedding in Croatia cost?

Defining the budget for your wedding is a good first step in planning your big day and establishing just how much would a wedding in Croatia cost. Even if you happen to have an open budget, it’s still a good idea to have an idea of the average wedding cost in Croatia so that you can begin to make necessary preparations.

To define a budget for the wedding, you can start by finding out just how much it costs to have particular features at your wedding. This is only possible if you have a clear and informed idea about how much each of these features costs so that you can add them up and come up with your cost estimate for Croatia wedding prices.

For an accurate budget estimate when getting married in Croatia, we’ve put together a list of the key essentials and services that every wedding needs as well as their possible costs. This should help to guide you into shaping your wedding and anticipating accurately the expenses to come. A proper budget will also be pretty useful if different parties are sponsoring your big day. Remember, the quoted prices can vary from one service provider to another as well as due to several other factors such as the timing and destination of your Croatia wedding.

Wedding Venue in CROATIA

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The wedding venue is often one of the largest cost incurred. Croatia wedding venues offer a wide range of scenic views, from simple elegant ones to fancy destinations meant to wow your guests. Couples can enjoy beachfront weddings, castles, classy restaurants and even boutique hotels. Indeed, nothing beats the splendor of outdoor wedding with beautiful and scenic backgrounds.

The price range for wedding venues in Croatia tends to be very broad, with some venues charging as little as €2,000 while others can go as high as €10,000. This variation is often a matter of the number of guests that are expected to attend. Naturally, the more the guests on the list, the more the cost of the venue to host and accommodate a bigger crowd. Some venues also offer supporting facilities for your guest to facilitate 3-day stay overs ( then venue price can go even highere as it also includes accommodation) where;

1. The first day is for final preparations and some pre-wedding festivities for close family and friends.

2. The second day is the actual wedding day with all guests in attendance.

3. The last day is just for relaxing and resting, perhaps with a poolside brunch and other relaxation activities.

Catering Services IN CROATIA

This is an essential part of any wedding. You absolutely want all your guests to be properly fed with just the perfect dishes that will for sure leave a mark in their minds as memorable. Luckily, catering services for weddings in Croatia are famous for their impressive dishes and delicacies. Catering services should always be considered when considering how much a wedding would cost in Croatia.

Every professional catering service in Croatia tends to offer menu testing beforehand to allow you to refine your food choices and select your exact food preferences. You can also choose from a variety of serving types in terms of food quality and quantity to suit your budget or preferences.

Just like the venues, menu prices can vary widely from a minimum of about €110 to a peak of about €300 per each attending guest. Beverages, on the other hand, can cost anything between €100 and €250. The prices all depend on the quality, quantity and the overall number of guests but they make up the key costs of weddings in Croatia. Catering services often offer clients some service packages that serve a certain range of guests to allow for additional guests.

Wedding Ceremony cost  in croatia

Wedding Ceremony in Croatia

The cost of the Croatia wedding ceremony is highly dependent on the nature preferred from among church ones, civil ceremonies or simply symbolic ones. The most expensive of these options is the civil ceremony due to the involvement of various persons operating in an official capacity such as court-appointed translators. Civil ceremonies also demand a lot of paperwork and obligate the couple to pay registration fees, all of which adds to Croatia’s weddings costs.

Besides the desired nature, the cost of the ceremony can also vary due to the wedding venue, the day of the week selected, as well as the time of occurrence. For instance, wedding ceremonies conducted on weekends are more expensive than weekday ceremonies. On the other hand, symbolic and church ceremonies tend to cost way less than civil ones. The couple pays for less fees and, more importantly, they can enjoy a more customized ceremony without following an activity guideline like in civil ceremonies. Expect to spend anything between €500 and €1,500 depending on your choice of ceremony as part of wedding costs in Croatia.

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Photo & video in Croatia

Your wedding photos and video records are your lifetime source of memories of that special day. As such, be very careful when selecting the media service that is going to cover your wedding. Ask to see previous samples of photos and videos so that you can judge whether the service is excellent or not.

Arranging a pre-wedding shoot can also help you to judge the skills of the media service as well as help your bride and groom team to loosen up in preparation for the real shoot. You can expect to cough up anything between €3,500 and €6,000 for media services on your special day. Be sure to make this a priority when calculating the cost of Croatia weddings.

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Flowers & Decor IN CROATIA

Flowers and decor styles often depend on the preferences of the couple as well as the venue itself. There is also a great need for professionalism in the setup to properly blend the venue and the decorations together. Your wedding planner can help you to plan the decorations and arrangements that matches the dress code and the venue designs. Therefore, be sure to consider this Croatia wedding cost to avoid a dull décor.

Regardless of your budget, there is always a flower and decoration package available. After all, a great wedding planner and florist can always make the best of what is available and manage to give your wedding a special and attractive decorative finish. These packages can cost you anything between €7,000 to €15,000 or more, all depending on the venue size, styles and quantity of flowers and decorations.

wedding cake

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The cake is another Croatia wedding cost to be considered on your budget. It’s the one distinct thing about any wedding that guests will always remember. These wedding cakes are also pretty special in design and making hence they can be very costly considering that they potentially serve hundreds of guests.

Cakes sometimes come as part of the catering service but many people often prefer to have custom-made cakes from professional bakers with very specific flavours and designs, all made to order. The price will depend on size and flavours. Fondant iced cakes tend to be much more expensive than naked ones. Expect to spend anything between €400 and €1,000 on the wedding cake.

Music: Wedding Bands and Dj

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Music makes another essential component of any wedding as well as being a key wedding cost in Croatia, especially when performed live by talented bands and soloists. Just picture yourself on the day; right in the spotlight with melodious tunes in the background! It surely completes the whole wedding picture and sets the ideal mood for romance and companionship. Croatia boast of a wide variety of musical talents, from live solo performers, bands, and DJs that can all add the perfect tunes to usher your special day through.

Be sure to budget for at least a single live performance to cover important moments such as the aisle walk and a reliable DJ that can read the mood and set the right music tones at every turn. Also, don’t forget to consider the cost of accommodating the musicians or bands if you’re planning a remote wedding to ensure there are no logistic hustles on your special day. You can expect to spend between €800 and €5,000 on music for the day, which adds to the wedding prices in Croatia.

Lighting and Special Effects

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Modern technology has brought about a lot of beautiful wedding lighting features that can easily transform your wedding scene into a mesmerizing sights. Wedding lighting and other special effects are just as essential as any other feature hence, they are a part of the wedding costs in Croatia. One can, however, opt to limit it down to the basics depending on the budget.

The cost of lighting and effects varies due to factors like venue size and time of the wedding; daytime, evening, or night. If you decide to go for a professional lighting & effects service, expect to spend anything between €1,500 and €10,000.

wedding favours croatia

Wedding favours

Last but not least, let’s consider the cost of Croatia wedding favours that you may need to budget for. Many couples tend to forgo this cost but it’s pretty important. These wedding favours help to provide your guest with souvenirs from your event that they can always look at and remember your special day. They are also very useful for expressing your gratitude to all your guests who manage to attend the wedding. Expect to spend as little as €3 and €10 at most per guest.

Hopefully, this summary of costs to include when calculating the total cost of a Croatia wedding will get you started on planning for the special day. If you feel overwhelmed, don’t hesitate to look for professional wedding planners for assistance. This will help you come up with the average cost of a wedding in Croatia.

Remember to stick to professional service providers only to avoid unprofessional work and last-minute disappointments. Good luck!

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