Exclusive Wedding Venues in Croatia for Your Dream Multi Day Celebration

EXCLUSIVE MULTI-DAY wedding venues in croatia

For those seeking an intimate and exclusive celebration, we present a curated list of exquisite hotels that can be privatized for 2 to 3 days, ensuring an unforgettable multi-day wedding experience. Let the magic unfold in the romantic settings of Palace Elisabeth, Brown Beach, Maslina Resort, Martinis Marchi, San Canzian, and Korta Katarina.

Perched on the sun-drenched island of Hvar, Palace Elisabeth stands as a testament to timeless elegance.

This historic hotel, located in the heart of Hvar town, offers a unique blend of luxury and tradition. Imagine saying your vows against the backdrop of the Adriatic Sea, surrounded by 13th-century walls and opulent architecture. The entire hotel can be exclusively reserved for your celebration, ensuring privacy and a personalized experience for you and your guests. It is a very special way to provide an unforgettable time for all your friends and family.

Capacity for event: up to 120

Exclusive use minimum: 2 nights

As the sun sets over the charming town of Trogir, Brown Beach Hotel emerges as a haven of sophistication and style.

This boutique gem, nestled on the Dalmatian coast, combines modern luxury with the allure of the Adriatic. Privatize Brown Beach for your wedding, and let the Mediterranean breeze and stunning views set the stage for your romantic celebration. From intimate ceremonies on the beach to lavish receptions in the hotel's elegant spaces, every moment will be etched in the memory of the special day. And let’s not forget the iconic checkerboard poolside floor!

Capacity for event: up to 120

Exclusive use minimum: 2 nights

For those seeking a haven of tranquillity and natural beauty, Maslina Resort on the island of Hvar is a dream come true.

Set amidst olive groves and lavender fields, this eco-friendly resort offers a secluded paradise for your wedding festivities. Reserve the entire resort for an intimate and exclusive celebration, with personalized services that reflect your unique love story. From a seaside ceremony to a candlelit reception under the stars, Maslina Resort promises a wedding experience like no other. Your wedding weekend will feel like something out of this world.

Capacity for event: up to 200

Exclusive use minimum: 3 nights

Escape to the timeless charm of Solta Island and discover Martinis Marchi, a 300-year-old castle turned luxury hotel.

This hidden gem provides an intimate and historic setting for your wedding celebration. With panoramic views of the Adriatic, cobbled courtyards, and a marina, Martinis Marchi offers an idyllic backdrop for your special day. Privatize the entire castle and its grounds for an exclusive experience that combines old-world charm with modern luxury.

Capacity for event: up to 80

Exlusive use minimum: 3 nights

Nestled in the heart of charming Istria, San Canzian is a restored medieval village turned boutique hotel, offering a perfect blend of history and contemporary elegance.

Imagine exchanging vows in a centuries-old church, followed by a celebration in the charming village square. San Canzian can be exclusively yours, ensuring an intimate and unique wedding experience. Let the rustic beauty of Istria create a backdrop for memories that will last a lifetime.

Capacity for event: up to 100

Exclusive use minimum: 3 nights

Situated in the famous wine region of Pelješac Peninsula, Korta Katarina is a vineyard estate and luxury resort overlooking the Adriatic Sea.

The combination of vineyards, gardens, and stunning architecture creates a picturesque setting for your wedding celebration. Privatize Korta Katarina for a truly exclusive experience, where you and your guests can indulge in world-class wines and culinary delights while surrounded by the beauty of the Dalmatian coast.

Capacity for event: up to 40

Exclusive use minimum: 3 nights

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