Luxuriöse Hochzeitslocations Kroatien



Situated in a unique landscape that bursts with natural beauty, Veladrion is more than just

a resort. It’s a place that takes you beyond imagination with possibilities.

Unique and authentic, built on an inexhaustible source of energy that inspired numerous

legends, fairytales and myths.

Relax in style while enjoying the best nature can offer you. Explore, unwind and take it

all in. Explore nearby islands with one of our ships and enjoy in beautiful landscapes.

The luxurious villas at the exclusive adult only resort are the epitome of opulence and

indulgence. Nestled between Velebit channel and the Kvarner island each villa boasts

spacious, open-plan living areas that flow seamlessly onto private balconies or terraces,

offering breathtaking views of the crystal-clear Adriatic sea.

Fresh and full of flavour, based on seasonal ingredients and local traditions from both the

mountains and the sea, restaurant Almaris is a unique place where traditional roast and

peka dishes are presented in a modern and stylish way and matched with local wine

and craft beers for pure gastronomic pleasure.

Indulge in the wellness rituals inspired by the lush richness of nature surrounding Veladrion

Resort. Using a pleasant, aromatic blend of Mediterranean herbs relaxes your body and your soul.

Privatisation Fee: upon request

Average price on food & drinks: upon request

Music permission: 02:00 am (subject to prior confirmation)

Capacity: maximum 40 guests

Die genannten Preise sind nur informativ. Bitte kontaktieren Sie uns direkt für ein Angebot.