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FESTINA Lente WEDDIng VENUE Jerolim ISland

Festina Wedding Hvar

Festina Lente Restaurant Wedding HVAR

Newly opened restaurant is located on Jerolim Island, which is one of the Paklinski Islands and only 5 minutes drive with the boat taxi from Hvar town. If you want to have the best time by the sea, far away from the town and crowd, this wedding venue is perfect for you. Tucked away in the deep shade of pine trees Festina Lente offers amazing dinning experience in sophisticated ambience of the modernly refurbished restaurant.

In order to have a wedding there, the venue needs to be privatised, price depends on the date chosen.

For smaller celenbrations it's also possible to have a ceremony there. For larger events, we suggest to choose one of the venues in Hvar such as Sveti Marak, Franciscan Monastery oder Hanibal Lucic.

Venue Privatisation Fee: from 2500-7000 Euros depending on date

Average spend on Food & Beverage: 250 Euros p.p.

Genehmigung für Musik: bis 01:00 Uhr

Capacity: 50-80 guests

Die genannten Preise sind nur informativ. Bitte kontaktieren Sie uns direkt für ein Angebot.