Multi-Day Wedding Celebration in Martinis Marchi

Solta island features some of the best luxury wedding venues in Croatia that couples wouldn't want to miss. The beautiful bays and beaches make it the perfect oasis for a luxury wedding. With such a gorgeous location, a one-day celebration simply isn't just enough. This is why our lovely couple, Caylee and Dave, chose to have a multi-day wedding in Croatia.

Instead of just celebrating for a day in one of the top wedding venues in Croatia, they took this excellent opportunity to turn their union into a mini-vacation for everyone else. Plus, this was a wonderful opportunity to create more memories that they will cherish for a lifetime.

Day 1: The White Party

A day before the ceremony, the couple wanted to have a white party for everyone to gather together and have the chance to get to know each other. It was a very relaxing way to welcome everyone to their multi-day wedding in Croatia. At the same time, their welcome party was a great start to put everyone into a festive mood.

Day 2: Luxury Wedding Ceremony & Reception

The main event usually happens on the second day. Naturally, the entire wedding preparation leads to the ceremony and reception. And although it can be overwhelming to think about everything, you can choose a wedding package Croatia that suits you, making the whole process smoother.

Caylee and Dave's choice to get married in one of the top wedding venues in Croatia only goes to show how magical Solta was. From every detail of their ceremony and vows to their preferred color palette, flowers, and fairy lights; everything about their union embodied a romantic ambiance!

Day 3: Farewell Cruise

A great way to end your multi-day celebration is by adding another day in one of the luxury wedding venues in Croatia to have a chance to thank your guests sincerely. It can be through a simple brunch or cruising on a Catamaran, just like how Caylee and David preferred to bid farewell to everyone who shared their big day. Not only that, but by adding another day to their celebration of love, they created more blissful memories to look back to.

Let us create a wonderful multi-day experience for you in one of the most beautiful luxury wedding venues in Croatia. Just go into our inquiry form, and we'll definitely talk to you soon!


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