Luxurious Wedding at Palace Elisabeth Hotel in Hvar

If you envision yourself tying the knot lavishly, you might want to consider having a luxurious modern wedding at Palace Elisabeth in Hvar. This kind of wedding theme can give you a lot of on-trend inspiration for your special day, just like this couple's fancy celebration of love that is straight-up a dream!

For a classical and romantic vibe, we suggest exchanging your vows in the Romanesque Church of St. Cosmas and Damian. This wedding place is a hidden little pearl that couples will treasure because of how it adds a charming touch to their theme. The modern flower arrangement blended perfectly with the location's warm tones and stunning brickwork, making it more sophisticated than it already is.

In addition to that, selecting nothing but the best for your floral presentation is highly recommended to maintain the elegance of your entire theme. After all, a modern bride who wants to have a high-end luxe wedding deserves nothing less. When it comes to the most luxurious roses and oriental selections of orchids – wild onions, bleached Italian Ruscus, white Lisianthus branches, and David Austin roses offered the finest and the most exquisite combination for the couple’s special day. When planning, select a color theme that fits your location. A white-colored floral theme suited this wedding at palace Elisabeth in Hvar perfectly because of the ideal combination of historical and modern beauty. It also created harmony with the stone colors and soft nude shades of the venue.

Furthermore, the reception at the Palace Elisabeth Hotel was decorated by combining modern and classical elements for a grand look. A long table inspired by centuries-old feasts was an excellent setting for such a pristine location. For a contemporary touch, we added transparent views of glass and soft blue fabric, complemented with fine royal white porcelain and elegant long handmade candles in glass holders.

The concept of this wedding is really inviting. It simply draws you to celebrate and just enjoy every moment of your wedding at Palace Elisabeth in Hvar. Kontakt if you wish us to create a bespoke atmosphere for your celebration at this magnificent venue!

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