Stunning Birthday Party in Istria, Croatia

Istria is known as the Tuscany of Croatia, so what better place to celebrate a rustic themed yet lavish and luxurious birthday party of a well known singer. To combine the countryside elements with a stunning sea view, the venue chosen was Villa Polesini in Poreč.

This exciting event was planned together with SOVA events.

The sturdy wooden tables were decorated with local greenery and accents of lavender. There was hanging lavender, pots of lavender, cups of lavender, boxes of lavender… The sweet floral scent was everywhere and would certainly become a core memory engraved in the hearts of all the guests.

There were multiple lounge areas available for relaxing, enjoying the music and the views. With couches, settees, carpets and pillows, they really made for an ultimately comfortable experience.

By combining different types of chairs – from armchairs to wooden cross back chairs – we achieved the effect of dynamics and interest to the eye of every admirer. Differing materials like wood and gold played a big part in this as well.

As the sun slowly set, the garden string lights above the tables gave everything a special ambient light together with the lights from the stage where a band was playing some fun tunes.

Numerous buffets were set up to be explored and savoured by the guests – local Mediterranean food fitting for the place and theme, olive oil from the area and delicious drinks.

This event was as fun as it was beautiful, and if you want to have your own Croatian celebration, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.