Why Croatia? old

Getting married in Croatia can be a beautiful experience and they are endless options where you can can have you wedding ceremony. They are three main types of wedding ceremony in Croatia: Civil, Church or Symbolic.

  1. The only form of wedding ceremony in Croatia that is legally binding is a civil ceremony. They must be conducted by a “maticar” – an official Croatian registrar.
  2. Civil ceremonies can take place in almost any location (they are not confined to a church).
  3. Your civil ceremony must be approved by the Registry Office.
  4. There is no minimum residency period required in order to qualify for a civil ceremony in Croatia.
  5. If one or both members of the couple do not speak Croatian, then a court-appointed translator must be present at the civil ceremony.
  6. You may choose to have a religious wedding ceremony before or after the civil ceremony takes place. The religious ceremony can occur in Croatia, or in your own country of residence. Religious ceremonies of any kind are not considered legally binding.
  7. For some couples, the paperwork involved in the civil ceremony is not what is important about their beautiful wedding in Croatia. Because of this, many people choose to get legally married in their own country, either before or after their time in Croatia. This is often a more cost-effective choice, as the paperwork tends to be cheaper back home.