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On our wedding day, we had two perfect rainbows that appeared in the sky over us. They were so beautiful. While I can’t promise to give you rainbows at your destination wedding in Croatia, I can promise that it will still be a day you’ll never forget.

It turns out I’ve worked in weddings since I was just a teenager. My first job in a boutique hotel was working with a wedding planner. So, it seems I was always destined for this role! My background in hospitality, working at exclusive hotels and resorts in the United States, Switzerland and China, fine-tuned my eye for detail and my impeccable organizational skills.

Along the way, I met my Croatian husband. And when we moved to Croatia in 2010, I fell in love all over again with the stunning landscapes and culture this country has to offer.

It’s here that I rediscovered my passion for wedding planning. Being able to design and plan the kind of weddings that leave my couples breathless and in love with this place by the time they leave is one of the reasons I love what I do so much.

I believe your wedding day is not just an event. It’s an experience to be cherished and held close to your heart well into your marriage and for many more years beyond that.

I cannot wait to meet you and find out what your dream wedding looks like!

Best Wedding Planner Croatia




Matea started working in the event planning industry in 2012 and is our Zagreb-based team member. Matea is fluent in English and German. Being based in the Zagreb region, she also has an excellent overview of the venues specific to other regions in Croatia such as Istria and Dubrovnik. Matea’s strengths are attention to detail and her problem solving attitude. She ensures our Clients have what they want, feel safe and well set with her advice, and that the event turns out flawlessly. She is dedicated to creating and overseeing the perfect wedding for each of her clients, no matter what that might look like.




In a nutshell, wedding planners are there to attend to your every need that is related to the preparations for your wedding in Croatia. As such, wedding planners in Croatia can save you a lot of valuable time and effort in bringing your special day together smoothly, without any problems. After all, destination weddings can be very stressful to plan and execute if all the planning details are being dealt with by the couple alone. We, therefore, take responsibility for all your planning and ensure that you enjoy every step of the way, from start to finish!

A wedding planner can no longer be considered as a luxury but rather an essential service provider that makes the whole event possible and flawless. Having one for your Croatia wedding means having an experienced guide showing you the way and helping you to deal with the many obstacles that can rise up on your special day.

At Adriatic Weddings Croatia we pay attention to every nitty-gritty detail and ensure that nothing is overlooked. Couples with busy schedules often find it impossible to fit all this planning into their calendars. In such cases, planning destination wedding in Croatia by yourselves is next to impossible since a typical wedding requires more than 200 hours and lots of logistical up and downs. It simply requires a dedicated and unwavering commitment that most couples cannot provide.

With a Croatia wedding planner taking care of everything that is needed on the day, you can afford to relax and focus on each other as a couple. After all, the days before your wedding should be spent together enjoying each other’s company as a couple. Adriatic Weddings Croatia will take care of your bookings, hiring, preparations and budgeting among other things and you can focus on the fun stuff such as cake tasting and choosing your favourite flower decorations from your planner's shortlist.

Why do I need a wedding planner in Croatia?



How do we work?

In case you’re wondering how it all works when dealing with a wedding planner in Croatia, here is a quick run-down of events between the day you engage their services and the day of your wedding;

· Your inquiry is received by the wedding planner and we send you a generalized list of venue ideas that are available together with a typical budget proposal.

· To enhance the mutual understanding, the wedding planner then schedules a meeting via any convenient means such as Skype or WhatsApp session so that you can share your thoughts and ideas with us and answer any of your questions.

· If you wish to get further details and assistance, you can then officially hire the wedding planner in Croatia and pay a deposit. From this point, the Adriatic Weddings Croatia immediately commits to the wedding and starts working on the finer details.

· Throughout the planning process, the wedding planner in Croatia keeps an open line of communication with the couple to share progress and ideas as well as to notify each other of any changes necessary to any part of the wedding plan.



There is a general misconception of who exactly needs a wedding planner. Most people are under the notion that only the famous TV celebrities use wedding planners. The reality, however, is that wedding planners are simply for all people that are unable to take care of every little detail of the wedding due to busy lives, schedules, family commitments or simply because they have no knowledge about the specifics of wedding planning. They are also for people with little or no knowledge of wedding venues in Croatia, the estimated costs, and where to get the wedding service providers hence need the help of a professional who can handle all logistics in that area.

But I thought wedding planners were only for the rich and famous?



So, are you wondering why you need a separate wedding planner in Croatia in addition to the venue manager that you already have? Well, you’re not the only one! Many people often make the same mistake of thinking that the venue manager is responsible for all aspects of your destination wedding in Croatia.

In short, the venue manager is an employee of the wedding venue who makes sure that, for instance, the Croatia wedding venue conditions are as agreed with the couple having the wedding. As such, the event manager takes care of all the issues that are related specifically to the wedding venue ONLY. On the other hand, Adriatic Weddings Croatia works for the couple to ensure that ALL aspects of the wedding are in place.

Since event managers are paid for a different job than the wedding planner, their duties are very different and you need both for a successful wedding. The venue manager will focus on his/her event issues while Adriatic Weddings Croatia focuses on all aspects of your wedding. We will definitely not rest if any single item is not in place. By committing to only a limited number of weddings in Croatia at a time, you can enjoy our undivided attention at all times until the end of your wedding event.

Do I still need a wedding planner if I already have a venue manager?



What is the cost of getting married in Croatia?

There are many factors that all come together to determine the overall wedding cost in Croatia. There are also many packages and wedding types that couples can opt for depending on their interests, circumstances and preferences. Elements such as the wedding venue, the catering services, music selection, and the number of invited guests are some of the key elements to consider when trying to estimate the potential cost of your wedding in Croatia.

On average, typical weddings in Croatia cost between 500 and 600 Euros per each person on the guest list. This translates to about 25 000 to 30 000 Euros in total for a wedding of 50 guests. This estimation is based on a modest wedding of 1-day duration, covering everything from the cake to the venue with standard food, beverages, venue hire, wedding planner fees etc. If you plan on having other special activities and features such as a pre-wedding party, then you may need to consider spending more.

For more upscale and fancy weddings, a bigger budget is required. A typical example of this would be a luxury, premium boutique wedding venue, which can cost you anything between 50 000 to

100 000 Euros for your wedding day cost.

Now, while reducing the number of attending guest can help you to cut on costs, there remain several static fees such as the photographer’s fee or the officiator/DJ's fee which all need to be budgeted for when calculating your Croatia wedding costs.