Symbolic wedding

Croatia is an ideal piece of land with lots of sunshine, crystal clear pure waters with an abundance of classical architecture and the unique culture no one can compete. This hidden gem surrounded with plethoras of holiday spots provides wonderful opportunities to new couples and families who want their weddings and honeymoons to be a complete success.

When it comes to pleasure and comfort, we stand behind your big day. Adriatic Weddings takes pride for being a renowned wedding planner in Croatia offering an amazing range of wedding and honeymoon packages particularly with today’s couples in mind.

Symbolic wedding bypass all documentation procedures leaving you with ultimate peace of mind. In case of symbolic wedding, couples choose to marry in their native country and come here afterwards to celebrate the fantastic pleasures of Croatia with lots of wonderful sights. Due to the outstanding natural beauty lying there in Croatia, couples take the stress out from their celebrations. No extra costs and no mind numbing documentation procedures.

If you are planning to revitalize your wedding celebrations, symbolic wedding makes it easy for you.