Civil wedding

Civil Marriage:

The wedding day is full of emotions that come after the months long planning process right from inviting your loved ones to big day of celebration. It is a perfect day for not only the bridge and the groom but the invitees as well. Every piece of setting plays its role that includes the unfolding of events, dressing, setting, just to name a few. It’s up to you how much you can strive for to make it a big, perfect, and unforgettable day of your lifetime.

Although you cannot deviate from a set program in civil wedding events, you can still get in line with your wedding planner or event planner to discuss all arrangements that include choice of place, reception, and other stuff. Similarly, if you are a non-native Croatian, an officially appointed court interpreter can lend you a hand during the course of wedding celebrations.
In-person presence of the couples at registry office is mandatory at least 24 hours (sometimes up to 5-8 days) before the wedding day. The paperwork should be thoroughly checked to avoid delays and complications. Croatian state will hold all the submitted documents for record and statistics purposes.

You need to prepare and submit the paperwork within 3 months of the wedding venue. Registry office won’t accept the papers submitted older than 3 months (90 days). Two witnesses are required with full names, passport copies. The mandatory documents include:
1. Original Long-Form Birth Certificate
2. Original Single Status Certificate
3. Original Certificate Of No Impediment
4. Copies of Passports
5. Documentation Verification

Important Note: depending on your nationality, the legal processes and required documents may or may not adhere to above mentioned procedures. Furthermore, if you are opting for a civil wedding in Croatia, you need to have an Apostille with your submitted documents. Hence it is recommended for a foreigner to get his/her documents verified by the embassy.