Church wedding

Getting Married in Croatian Church:
Getting married in Croatia requires you to perform your wedding venue in a catholic church since Croatia’s state religion is Catholicism. Hence you cannot choose a church of another religion. To put the things straight, the very first step before selecting a Croatian church, foreigners should register a legal marriage in their native country since Roman Catholic weddings do not enjoy a legal status in Croatia. It is suggested to check this beforehand to avoid future delays or even cancellation of your entire wedding plan.

Documentation Procedures:
As stated above, the legal requirement to get married in Croatia is a bit complex matter that involves detailed planning together with legal documentation procedures. To ensure your wedding day is a delightful and smooth event, you should acknowledge your local parish in advance about the exact date and time of your wedding venue. Some couples choose to or suggested to enroll in a pre-marriage course. Furthermore, inter-church documents needs to be exchanged by your bishop to the Croatian bishop as well. This document is fairly standard and recognized as “Litterae Testimoniales “(testimonial letters) or “Nihil obstat”. This is a type of “No Objection Certificate” which is a must doc to get married outside your native country.

It’s better to hire a wedding planner or wedding coordinator to have an exact insight of the papers needed. Below is an important list of documents involved in a Croatian marriage:

• A “formal letter” with the permission of wedding ceremony in the church on a particular date. This letter is the wedding permission letter signed from your parish priest.

• In Croatia, if you have been divorced in the past, you cannot choose to remarry in the Catholic Church. Hence you need to deposit a “Baptismal certificate” showing that you have never been married before.

• If you have been enrolled in pre-marriage courses, you need to deposit “Pre-Cana certificate”.

• The last but certainly not the least is a “Pre-nuptial investigation form” which is a legal document signed, sealed, and stamped by the local bishop office. To avoid delays and complications, your local parish should send these documents to Croatia in the timespan of 3-6 months before your wedding celebration date.